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“Cathy Louisell’s body, breath and movement work has not only kept me out of pain but helped put me in touch with how I can be connected to myself and the Earth. She has a remarkable talent for healing with her touch.”
— Laura Moore, Owner, The Critters & Me, Santa Fe, NM


Catherine A. Louisell, BA, NMLMT #95

It was Rolfing Treatments that first got me thinking about the integration of the body/mind. Although always a “mover”, I was very tight. It was physically uncomfortable, sometimes painful and would likely worsen if I didn’t do something. I decided to train as a massage therapist. It worked!

Next I found Continuum. Because of its focus on fluid movement, I felt I had come home to that place where creativity and a sense of belonging exist. I began integrating its techniques into my work. 

To help people achieve spiritual, emotional & physical integration I work with light, pulse, rhythm and the primary energies of the four elements (earth, including animals & plants, air, fire and water). Continuum, Dr. Pat Fields’ Quantum Healing and my understanding of a unified field influence all my work.

Another focus for my work is using the above principles in movement groups. Creating a safe community for exploration adds tremendous support for change. Curious, playful and nourishing, we ignite our zest for life.


• Certificate, Boulder School of Massage Therapy, 1981 • Teacher, Swedish massage, BSMT, 1984-1987 • Cranial Osteopathy with Hugh Milne, Esalen Institute, 1987 • Continuum Movement with Emilie Conrad, 1989-present • Chi Nei Tsang with Caryn Diel, White Cloud Institute, 2004 • Dr. Pat Field's Quantum Healing, 2003-present • Qi Gong (Chi Kung) Teacher Training Certificate, While Cloud Institute, 2009 • Licensed massage therapist (#95). New Mexico, 1993 • B.A. Communication Arts, minor Theatre and Music, 1998